After School Programs (ASP)

JIES is also proud of the provision of after school activities for its students. The objective of the ASP is to give the students from Age 4 and up the opportunity to work on what they cannot do in the regular class. They can socialize and relax, through these extracurricular activities, guided by the members of our faculty as well as those from the larger community.

We are currently running 12 ASPs each week. Some examples of the current and past ASPs are:

After School Programs
Classic Cartoon Children learn about and watch cartoons from different countries and from different eras.
Indoor Games Students will enjoy various games in the gym and develop their motor skills.
Dance Ms. Kamise is a dance teacher as well as an instructor at Konami Sports Club. She has been teaching dance for 9 years including 5 years experience to teach dance to children. She will focus on mainly Hip Hop, while she puts Jazz Dance essence with a good balance. In this ASP, children will be learning rhythmical dance including warm-up stretch and basic steps. This class aims to not only learn dance but also promote children’s gross-motor skill.
Homework Club This class provides an opportunity for students to complete some of their homework at school and for them to receive assistance as needed.
Choir Develop vocal musicianship and gain awareness of singing traditions around the world.
Board Games Children will learn how we can play backgammon and other interesting board games
Basketball Students will develop basic basketball fundamentals (dribbling, shooting, passing, and teamwork) through practice and games.
Japanese Story Telling Students will visit Jinsho's library to explore more Japanese books, and read and listen to many good stories.
Drawing Drawing cartoons, animals, buildings, vehicles, etc. It will be like a workshop.
Table Tennis Children will learn basic skills and enjoy a wide range of different table tennis games and activities.
Drama Games Students will learn classic drama games and work together using improvisation.
Nihon Buyo (Japanese Classical Dance) The Nihon Buyo is actually inspired by the ordinary people’s daily behaviors such as greeting, walking, sitting and standing and thus it should be actually very approachable and familiar to everyone. We hope this Nihon Buyo ASP could be the chance for JIES children to feel closer to the Japanese mind and music and to learn beauty of Japanese particular movements.
Volleyball We will try to learn basic principals of volleyball and practice to improve our skills.
Symphony Time In each lesson, we will explore the music of the symphony orchestra. First, we will learn about the instruments and the development of the orchestra during the Classical, Romantic, and Impressionistic periods of European music. Then, we will enjoy a high quality videos of the greatest symphonic music from Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and more.
Outdoor sports Get some fresh air and do a sport outside. The focus of these ASP activities will be on sorts such as croquette, small ball futsal, frisbee golf and orienteering.
Creative Writing Club Students will share personal works of poetry, prose (short stories), drama (plays), art work, and other products of creative expression with teacher and fellow students. This activity gives students an opportunity to share more personal creative work with other peers.
Mahjong Club Mahjong is a game that is played with 4 players and 144 tiles with Chinese Characters and symbols. We will limit the number of students to 8. The students will double up with each other at first to learn the game rules. After that, we will play 2 separate games. Mahjong is very similar to the card game called "Bridge" where people make card suits. We will learn how to set up the game, to see who goes first with dice and how to draw 13 tiles. The children will, then, borrow tiles from others or draw tiles in order to make melds to win the game.
Craft Learn about and use artistic skills using lots of different materials like paper mache, cardboard, felt, cotton, wool, balsa wood, straws and clay. Create interesting and entertaining things and have fun doing it.
Japanese Children Song This ASP is to enjoy some  Japanese traditional(sometimes popular) music. They can learn new Japanese words by singing a song.