Introduction to Library

All the non-fiction books are re categorized according to the PYP Transdisciplinary themes.

In our school, the Library and multimedia center plays a very significant role in facilitating the IB PYP units.

JIES community believes that having a multimedia centre with a wide range of online and text based resources is vital and indispensable as part of a successful inquiry.

Each section of the bookshelves is lined with a different color paper to make it easy for students and teachers to search resource books related to their unit.

During the library period, each grade learns about age appropriate research and library skills, which help them utilize these during their inquiry more efficiently.

By using library laptops, checking in and out books is operated by students via an online library programme and barcode reader.

Students enjoy their library and reading time on cozy carpets and chairs.

Students can access the wifi internet connected laptops any time for their own purposes either in classroom or multimedia centre.

The library consists of not only fiction and pictures books but also periodicals, weekly newspapers and monthly magazines.