Inquiry Resources: Grade 2

Who we are

Central Idea: Communities are connected by values and beliefs.

Key Concepts: function, perspective, reflection

Related Concept: roles, beliefs, behavior

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The different roles within communities.
  • How different viewpoints lead to different cultures.
  • Influences of one`s communities on our choices and actions.

Where we are in place and time

Central Idea: Migration corresponds with changing needs.

Key Concepts: causation, connection, change

Related Concept: sequences, networks

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Why living things migrate.
  • Maintaining cultural identity.
  • Modes of migration.

How we express ourselves

Central Idea: People use art to express ideas and feelings.

Key Concepts: form, function, reflection, perspective

Related Concept: communication, interpretation

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The ways in which people express themselves.
  • How art is used to express ideas.
  • How art communicates feelings.

How the world works

Central Idea: Design and construction depend on our understanding of materials and environment.

Key Concepts: causation, change, connection

Related Concept: consequences, transformation

Lines of Inquiry:

  • The impact of buildings structures on the environment.
  • The evolution of architectural techniques over time in a given place.
  • Architecture and it`s connection with the needs of communities and resources.

Sharing the planet

Central Idea: Natural habitats are interdependent..

Key Concepts: form, change, responsibility

Related Concept: adaptation, citizenship

Lines of Inquiry:

  • What habitats are.
  • How living things adapt.
  • Human impact natural habitats.

How we organize ourselves

Central Idea: People create organizations to solve problems and support progress.

Key Concepts: function, form, responsibility

Related Concept: systems, structures, roles, initiative

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Purpose of organization.
  • Structures within an organization.
  • The responsibilities of organization.