JIES News 2013-2014

Sports Festival (Undokai)

On May 31st, we had Sports Festival(Undokai) with our neighbouring school Jingumae Elementary. It is one of the most exciting events of the school year.

We had been practicing very hard for this day.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students danced to a Japanese popular song with a cheerful smile.

Grade 2 and 3 students danced to the Okinawa Eisa dance with powerful drums and chants.

Grade 4,5 and 6 students performed Gymnastic formations which they required great technique. They got a big round of applause when they completed their formations.

It was nice to see that JIES students were making a lot of new friends throughout the Undokai practice.

Although it was really hot on that day, everyone enjoyed each activity and did their best throughout the day. They also enjoyed cheering each other on.

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