JIES News 2015-2016

Numeracy and Science Week

"On your mark, get set, ready, go!" Jingumae International Exchange School celebrated their Science Week from February 29th to March 4th in lieu of our PYP unit "How the World Works." A Grand Prix car race was the highlight of this year's event. In preparation of the competition, teachers talked about wheels and axles and physic terms such as momentum and aerodynamics. The formalities of the race were covered along with the homemade car specifications. Our rules stated that the students' cars had to be made from bottle caps, straws and meat skewers. The chassis was left up to the students and their choice materials became tissue boxes, pet bottles and cardboard. A table ramp was set up with meter stick dividers; whereby, 3 cars could race at one time by the force of gravity. Teachers marked which car went the furthest distance. Later, the best designed cars were voted on by the students and an award ceremony was held for the participates. But, Science Week just didn't end here, there were other spectacular activities in the days before like making a parachute and throwing a mechanically moving paratrooper off a building. Hands-on activities such as germinating seeds in preparation of spring festivities and creating geometrical balls percolated curiosities as we rotated from classroom to classroom. JIES students enjoyed using an invention kit called Makey Makey to create piano and drum sounds from any object using electrical clips too and lighting bulbs by wiring parallel circuits and series. Overall, Science Week was deemed "fun" with a capital "F."

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