JIES News 2014-2015

Numeracy and Science Week

Jingumae International Exchange School has been bringing inquiry to a whole new level of fun. They recently celebrated their Numeracy and Science Week. A week before, as an anticipatory set, the children made elephant foam with dry ice and warm sudsy water. This wonder made an endless flow of "volcanic lava." As an introductory activity during the week itself, all the children touched a piece of bread with their hands. This bread was then compared to an untouched piece. Students made an hypothesis on what would changes would take place to these food items during Science Week. For instance, some of the children speculated that the breads would dry out, get mould on them or break apart. The breads were placed in plastic bags and observed. The children rotated between centers that included slime making, racing balloon rockets, and propelling marshmallows with Lego catapults. Other center activity consisted of balloon hovercrafts and inflating balloons with chemicals. The students also used a math related game entitled "Sum Dog" to problem solve during their ICT time. Science Posters of famous Scientist garnished the walls of their facility and teachers talked about the contributions of these people in their class time. To finish off the week, a school-wide outdoor paper airplane contest was held. The only rule for the plane specification was that it needed to be made of paper and tape was allowed. Some of the planes soared to new heights and distances of 17 meters! Needless to say, the week was very well received by the children with curiosity, appreciation and cooperation.

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