JIES News 2013-2014

Numeracy and Science Week

This week was Numeracy and Science week. We had many fun events filled with collaboration and friendly competition between classes. All the students enjoyed it very much.

We started off the week on Monday with the Egg Drop Competition. The students were in charge of creating a container that would help an egg survive a 4 meter free fall. The whole school joined together cheered everyone on as their container was dropped. We had a few survivors and everyone had a great time as it was a wonderful bonding experience. During our school meeting on Tuesday morning everyone lined up from shortest to tallest and created human graphs for favorite subject, food, and animal. On Wednesday we had an Omotesando scavenger hunt. Each grade had a question related to the math, science or inquiry they were studying that was related to a real life example in Omotesando. We went out with groups with children in multi-age groups and had a so much fun adventuring around the neighborhood using the skills we have learned in school. Thursday we had our school wide Paper Airplane Contest where we again had a great bonding experience as a whole school and got to cheer everyone on! Students used their paper folding skills and knowledge of aerodynamics to try and create the farthest flying paper airplane possible. Lastly, on Friday we had a school wide inquiry/science fair which gave the students the opportunity to share what they have learned during their class's inquiry time and learn about what the other grades in our school were studying. The students went room to room experience the classes projects and knowledge. They did a great job working together, developing presentation skills, and reinforcing what they learned in class!

Overall we had a very successful Numeracy and Science week. We all worked together as a school and got to show other students what we are learning about!

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