JIES News 2016-2017

Numeracy and Science Week

JIES proved that detectives aren't just found in books, movies and police stations anymore when it took the inquiry process to another level. By starting their Science Week off with a mystery based on the book "Cam Jansen and the Green School" by David A. Adler, the teachers pretended that some money had been missing from a recycling drive. The only thing that was left was a fingerprint. As a provocation, giant fingerprints were posted around the school. The students played along with this fictional story. The children fingerprinted themselves by dusting for their prints and lifting them off with tape. The collected prints were compared to the mystery fingerprint. Of course, nobody's print matched.

Activities continued with estimation. The children had to guess everything from how many rice granules were on a spoon to cubes in a jar.

Students also rotated daily from classrooms to do science. One of the scientific activities included making a pinhole camera. After the camera was made, the children had to adjust the focal length to take a picture. Other experimental activities investigated into oil spills, colorful swirls in milk, making sail cars, mystery science, sudoku and static electricity (which was a hair raising experience!)

On the last day, we had a sail car race in which the children had to take a fan to create wind in order to move their car. The race provided some hilarious moments. Awards of Legos and medals were happily received the following week for the best designed car and top finishers. Once again, a truly amazing time was had by all and a lot of science was learned.

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