JIES News 2013-2014

Literacy Week

JIES celebrated literacy week from October 15th, through October 22nd. This year's literacy week theme was perspective. The school was decorated in a variety of photographs dealing with perspective; from optical illusions, and visual puzzles with two images hidden in one, to pictures made up of thousands of tiny pictures, and quotes about perspective. We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and a version it that Mrs. G. wrote from the tree's perspective to help students understand perspective. Then the students began writing stories from two perspectives in class, which some students chose to enter in a writing competition. Two second graders, and one fifth grader won and were awarded a certificate, and a book of their choice from the book fair.

The idea behind literacy week is to promote a love of reading and writing. We try to do this through a variety of activities and experiences. This year students read with buddies from different classes during guided reading time, played literacy week jeopardy, dressed up as their favorite character from a book, play, or movie, and made bookmarks to sell for a PTA fundraiser. Students walked up to a local public library and read books, invited parents to come in and read in their native tongue, created an original play with their classmates having only been given a setting, brought poems to school in their pockets, and read a total of 21,232 pages. They also had the opportunity to purchase from a huge selection of high quality English books varying from early readers, and picture books, to how to books, novels, and graphic novels. It is safe to say that literacy week is an adventure every year, I for one can't wait to see what will happen next year!

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