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JIES News 2013-2014

Japanese Culture Day

On February 27th, we had our Japanese Culture Day. This year's theme was traditional and contemporary Japanese Culture. Students enjoyed Japanese culture from both traditional side and contemporary side. What they enjoyed from traditional Japanese culture is, Hinamatsuri(Doll's festival), listening to the story Kaguyahime, decorating the dolls with making origami decorations. They also sang a traditional song, Ureshii hinamatsuri which is about Doll's festival. They enjoyed contemporary Japanese culture by enjoying dorayaki which is Doraemon's favorite snack, playing a board game which is about Yamanote line. Everyone did a great job helping decorate the school with their favorite Japanese animation. They sang Yume o kanaete (Doraemon's song) so nicely. Preschool and Kindergarten showed us their great dance, Marumaru morimori. Later in the afternoon students were treated to some performances: Japanese Dance (Nihonbuyo) by Japanese Dance ASP students and teacher and Hip Hop Dance by Dance ASP students. We also had a special guest play the flute.

These are the songs played.

Aki no odori by Nihonbuyo ASP students.

Yachiyojishi by Nihonbuyo teacher.

Invader-invader by Dance ASP.

Haru no umi , Koujou no tsuki, Sakura sakura by Flute and Shinobue player.

Everyone was a great communicator and open-minded to enjoy the activities and performances.

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