JIES News 2015-2016

Japanese Culture Day

On February 25th, JIES had our Japanese Culture Day which introduced some of the traditional Japanese games to students. Hinamatsuri dolls had been decorated in the hallway and were looking forward to this special day for them.

To start off the day, the students sang "Kokyou no sora", "Hinamatsuri" and "Hana wa saku". They had been practicing these songs all year in music class, and this was a great time to share and perform.

During the main event, all students participated in some different Japanese activities. They enjoyed using strategy and critical thinking skills to guess the Onigiri toppings in the Onigiri Game and matching different shells in the Kai-awase Game. The students also got creative and hands-on with making festival dolls and Nerikiri cake that they could eat after! Later in the afternoon, students and parents both enjoyed some student performances from the Japanese Dance Nihonbuyo After School Program and a hip-hop dance by the Dance After School Program. To finish of the event, there was a special performance of "Momotaro" from the Nihonbuyo ASP teachers. The students really enjoyed the story, humor and dance style from the characters of Momotaro, monkey, dog, bird and Oni.

During the event, everyone was very open-minded and experienced some fun and interesting parts of the Japanese culture.

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