JIES News 2016-2017

Japanese Culture Day

On February 10th, we held an event `Japanese Culture Day`. This event featured some of the most popular aspects of Japanese culture including traditional story, tops, board games, Japanese food and tea ceremony. They enjoyed learning how to make Onigiri, playing traditional board games (which were actually made by Grade 3 and Grade 4), coloring and spinning different types of tops such as "Temomi-Goma"( big top, spinning with both hands) , Hinerigoma (small top, spinning with fingers) and flip flap top.

In tea ceremony room, there were five guests teachers of Tea Ceremony. First, they enjoyed watching tea ceremony and eating Japanese sweets, then making green tea by themselves. It looks to me that they really enjoyed and appreciated Japanese culture through these activities. At last but not least, I would like to thank you for your understanding and kind supports.

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