JIES News 2013-2014

International Children's Day

Jingumae International Exchange School celebrated this year`s International Children`s Day by inviting students, teachers, parents, and visitors to travel around the world with us in one day!

JIES students and teachers worked very hard to transform their rooms into continents, and organize and lead activities and games to help people learn more about places, and cultures, from around the world. Students from other schools and visitors enjoyed these booths, joined in treasure hunting in Antarctica, painting various animals of Africa, playing European children's games, decorating boomerangs in Australia, listening to South American songs, enjoying an ice hockey board game from Canada, panning for gold in the USA and playing different children's games from South Korea, Turkey, Japan, Israel, and the Philippines. This only begins to touch on the variety of experiences that children and their families were invited to participate in.

Not only our students, but JIES parents were also active in cooking traditional foods from around the world. Everybody had a chance to try new flavors from other countries. Our parents also volunteered in the continent booths to help lead activities.

This year, students who visited a certain number of booths received prizes such as free food, free Turkish ice cream, and other special prizes. Some of them were also lucky enough to get big presents in the raffle. They were all eager to taste the Turkish ice cream.

After exploring the continent booths, everyone gathered in the gymnasium to enjoy the performances including Japanese traditional dances by both our students, and a special guest, as well as a hip hop dance. Their performances were wonderful!

We also had a small concert by a special guest who played the cello. Our Japanese teacher, Kobayashi-sensei, accompanied him on the piano.

This year our sixth graders had their Exhibition on International Children's Day. It was wonderful to see this culmination of learning and the direction that each student had taken it on. They had prepared wonderful speeches that were interactive, well memorized and addressed their area of focus as well as global issues.

Overall, it was an amazing day full of a variety of activities, games, food, performances, and a mini concert. Everybody enjoyed a thoroughly international day! We are thankful to all of you who joined us, and hope that if you were unable to join us this year, that you will be able to do so next year!

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