Admissions Criteria

  • age
  • availability of places
  • English language proficiency
  • previous school records
  • siblings
  • special abilities
  • previous international educational experience

Standard Admission

A child with the appropriate age for the grade level before 1st September of that academic year is eligible for standard admission. Appropriate ages for the grades are:
Grades Ages
Kindergarten 4 - 5 years old
Grade 1 6 years old
Grade 2 7 years old
Grade 3 8 years old
Grade 4 9 years old
Grade 5 10 years old
Grade 6 11 years old

Exceptional Admission

A child whose birthday is on or after 1st September of that academic year but has exceptional academic skills and appropriate social maturity may still be considered for admission into a particular grade. Acceptance is contingent upon a successful interview and previous school records.

Enrollment Time

Most children are admitted in September, but if vacancies exist the school will normally admit children throughout the course of the year.

Enrollment Interview and Assessment

All students must go through a level test and an individual interview in order to be accepted into JIES. As a part of the application process all parents must sit the enrollment interview, which is to ensure the school's philosophy and programs match parent's educational beliefs and expectations. Factors that contribute to acceptance depending on the grade are:


Ability to separate from parents, social maturity, self-help skills, language ability, fine and gross motor skills, academic ability and the current makeup of the class.

Primary School

Age-appropriate social skills, language ability, academic ability and the current makeup of the class.