Summer Open School Program 2017


At Jingumae International Exchange School we are pleased to be offering a Summer Open School programme for the duration of 4 weeks (14th July - 4th August). Our programme offers an excellent opportunity for students to enjoy fun and exciting activities in the educationally stimulating environment of JIES. It is also a great chance for new and potential students to get acclimatized to the school environment and facilities as well as meet and work with members of the teaching and administrative staff. As Summer Open School days are timetabled at a similar pace to regular term-time school days at JIES this allows new students to get used to the feel of normal JIES school day, which puts them in an excellent position ready to learn with their new peers at the beginning of the academic year.


Our Summer Open School runs for 4 weeks, with each week being a separate topic. During the week children will have the opportunity to participate in games, drama activities, group projects and other activities thematically linked to that week's topic. Also, on the Friday of each given week all Summer Open School groups will go on a group excursion out of the school to a park, a factory etc which is also linked to the activities they have been working on. This should be a fun way to complete a given topic, and also serves to allow children to make a close link with the themes they have been studying on the school premises.


On top of a thematic week of learning all students will be allocated time in an enriching selection of other disciplines such as ICT, Arts & crafts and science plus they will have a chance to relax with movie time. Also weather permitting there will, on some weeks, be the opportunity for children to make use of water activities to cool down.

During JIES Summer Open School there will be 2 classes available:

Classes Age
Junior Group

4 - 6 years old

Senior Group

7 - 12 years old

Instruction for the Junior and Senior groups will be exclusively in English, meaning it is appropriate for English speaking students, but will also be suitable for students learning/practicing English by allowing them to be immersed in an English speaking environment with English speaking peers/teachers.

Due to our unique relationship with state school Jingumae Elementary, of whom we share many facilities with, we will be unable to accept applications from any children who have both Japanese parents.

We believe at JIES we are able to offer a varied and stimulating Summer Open School accommodating many different types of students of varying ages in the international community, and look forward to receiving your application.


Sessions Dates



Session 1

July 10 (Monday)

July 14 (Friday)

Session 2

July 17 (Monday)

July 21 (Friday)

Session 3

July 24 (Monday)

July 28 (Friday)

Session 4

July 31 (Monday)

August 4 (Friday)


Sessions Topic Excursion Fee
Session 1

Who we are

First aid workshop by Japan Red Cross

Workshop: Free

Admission: 100 yen for play time at a park

Session 2

How we express ourselves

Making a puppet workshop by Puk Puppet Theater

Workshop: 1500 yen

Material: 650 yen

Session 3

Sharing the Planet

Kawasaki Eco Living Miraikan


Session 4

How we organize ourselves

Ajinomoto KK factory

Admission: Free

Other Information


Each Session: 40,000 (including Tax)

JIES students: 30,000 (including Tax)


9:00 to 15:30

School Bus

No school bus is available

Dress Code



Jingumae International Exchange School 4-20-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Supply List

Items to Bring
(Please make sure to name them all to avoid confusion)

Water Bottle




Indoor shoes

Swimming set (when swimming is scheduled)

Sunscreen & insect repellant (option)


Extra change of clothes (4 & 5 yrs only)

The excursion cost is not included in the tuition. Students can choose not to attend the excursion and take absent on the day.

How to apply

Please fill in the Summer Open School application form and send it to us in person, by email, post mail or fax. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

After receiving your application form, JIES will contact you and confirm your acceptance. We kindly ask you to make a bank transfer to the bank account (detailed below) within five working days after the reconfirmation.


Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (0005)



Yokohama Ekimae Branch (251)


Account no

Ordinary 0086152

普通 0086152

Account Name

Tokutei Hi Eiri Katsudou Houjin

Kokusai Kouryu Gakkyu

Rijicho Deniz Mehmet



理事長 デニズ メフメット


  • We are unable to accept children whose both parents are Japanese.
  • The deadline of application is Wednesday of a week before (if any space is available).
  • 1 session refers to 5 days of classes. Partial attendance during one session counts for 1 full session.
  • No refund of course fee will be e made upon cancellation.


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