Welcome To JIES

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jingumae International Exchange School (JIES). JIES founded in 2007, and conveniently situated behind the Omotesando Hills complex in Shibuya-ku. Members of our dynamic school community represent over 15 different nationalities which give us a great mixture of different experiences and cultures, making JIES a stimulating place for all involved.

I believe one of the things that make JIES special is the fact that it is a wholly unique school. We are the only school in Japan to be set up as part of a pioneering project, in which an international primary school catering to the international community operates alongside a Japanese state elementary school. The purpose of this is to encourage and develop unity between the students, staff and communities connected to these schools. This unification means many things for our students: having the chance to develop friendships with their peers at the state school, gaining valuable experience participating in numerous large scale exchange activities and Japanese cultural events, plus making use of the impressive shared facilities that exist between the two schools.

As an IB PYP school we offer a comprehensive education that incorporates the five essential elements of the IB program (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Conceptual Understanding, and Action). The JIES mission and education philosophy promote the balance of acquiring knowledge, developing skills and promoting positive attitudes and attributes that will contribute to every students' capability to be inspired lifelong learners . The students' action is represented in our vision statement that will guide them to be global learners who contribute towards world peace. On top of this, classes are timetabled with Japanese lessons which, depending on the ability of the individual, follow Kokugo (Japanese as a Native Language) or JAL (Japanese as an Additional Language).

JIES is considered to be a community of learners. It is fortunate to have teachers and students from all over the world, resulting in a multicultural and diverse learning community. We celebrate our diversity not only in our regular class activities, but also by hosting an International Children's Festival every year. Teachers design learning activities which empower students' academic achievement and personal passion for life-long learning. Social development is a high priority at JIES, and our mixed age group After-School Program activities promote interaction among children of different ages. All lessons, activities, and school events are designed based on our students' culture, beliefs, and background. Our unique cultural features are respected and celebrated in order to encourage understanding and appreciation of diversity. The result is a challenging, non-discriminatory learning environment which is responsive to the needs of its learners. Teachers plan lessons and learning activities based on students' needs. A high teacher-to-student ratio allows us to know our students well and differentiate instruction to best help each child achieve his or her learning, personal, and social goals. Each student is respected as an individual with different strengths and interests. The JIES learning community includes representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds. Events like Japanese Culture Day and our participation in Jingumae Elementary School's Annual Sports Festival encourage respect and appreciation for other cultures and our local community in Tokyo. The JIES learning community is based on mutual respect and open communication between staff, parents, and students. Our parents cooperate in many aspects of school life, such as participating class activities, volunteering to enhance our library and media centre, accompanying classes on field trips and holding fundraisers like the bake sale for International Children's Day.

This homepage aims to give you a better insight into the fantastic work we do at Jingumae International Exchange School, and I hope to welcome you to our school in the near future.